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  • How do I begin a project with Malcolm House Interiors?
    You can fill out the "CONTACT" or the form on the "NEW CLIENT FORM" page, email Emily Malcolm at, or call Emily Malcolm directly at (301)219-9899. *Please note, projects are on a first come first serve basis.
  • What services do you offer?
    Malcolm House provides an array of design services from Architectual consulting to new construction and decorating. Please visit the "SERVICES" page for more information.
  • What areas do you serve?
    We service the Charlotte area as well as surrounding counties. Once Malcolm House has built a close relationship with our clients, they most likely want to upfit their second home, and at this time we are willing to travel.
  • What should I bring to the initial meeting?
    We encourage you to provide stylistic inspiration that you would like for us to work from. This can be from photos from magazines or screenshots on your phone/tablet from websites like Pinterest or Houzz, etc. Please come prepared with a budget in mind as this is very important in the design selection process to ensure you do not fall in love with something out of your desired price range.
  • How much will my project cost?
    Depending on your project, this number can vary. Once you have discussed your project in detail, Malcolm House can give you a better idea of how much it will cost if you don't already have a budget in mind.
  • What builders do you work with?
    Malcolm House works with multiple Architects, builders, and contractors. We can work with your current or preferred builder, or we can provide you with a list of some local favorites.
  • Does Malcolm House have a minimum project size?
    Although we do have an hourly contract for small jobs, we encourage you to start with a minimum project size of approximately 20K.
  • Does Malcolm House make furniture selections from retail stores?
    We try not to make selections from large retail stores since we have custom furniture companies that we select from, trust, and who sell to the trade directly. Most of these companies are based out of the United States, and even located in North Carolina. This also keeps your house from looking like your neighbors!
  • Do you work directly with sub-contractors?
    We work very closely with sub-contractors, but they are directly contracted by a builder or contractor. Even for small renovation jobs we encourage our clients to hire builders/contractors to help with project management since Malcolm House is not responsible for this aspect.
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